Common Questions


What type of protective equipment do you offer against lightning strikes and surge protection?


We offer a variety of equipment to protect against lightning strikes and surge protection. Read more about a few of the options we offer to protect your main/branch panel.


How does non-lightning damage occur?


Contrary to the popular perception that only a high-energy lightning strike can damage equipment, the truth of the matter proves otherwise. Read more on this topic in the statement put out by Dion Neri, Chief Engineer at MCG Surge Protection, Inc. in May 2012.


Why do I need to spend money on preventive maintenance?


Preventive maintenance is a schedule of planned actions aimed at the prevention of breakdowns and failures. At Secure Tech Electric LLC, our primary goal is to provide electrical preventive maintenance, and lighting maintenance that will alleviate costly downtime before a breakdown or failure occurs. We are also capable of designing and implementing a comprehensive facility preventive maintenance program to meet your budget and physical plant objectives. The ideal electrical preventive maintenance system would provide a routine scheduled inspection of motors, controllers, contactors, HVAC equipment, lighting fixtures, etc. to prevent failures before they occur.

There are multiple misconceptions about preventive maintenance. The most common concern that we hear frequently is cost. The reasoning here is that it would cost more for regularly scheduled downtime and maintenance, than it would normally cost to operate equipment until repair is absolutely necessary. This may be true for some components; however one should compare not only the downtime costs, but the long term benefits and savings associated with extended equipment life directly attributable to a comprehensive facility maintenance program. Without a facility preventive maintenance program for example, costs for lost production from unscheduled breakdowns will be incurred, usually at the most inopportune time. With regard to lighting maintenance, many of our building owners and facility managers are most concerned with litigation exposure. Many costly injuries, accidents, or even fatalities involving an employee or patron are easily avoided by implementing a preventive building maintenance or lighting maintenance program.

Secure Tech Electric LLC offers complete building and parking lot lighting maintenance programs for any size facility or budget. Our fully stocked radio dispatched utility vehicles can repair most common lamp/ballast combinations on the spot. Secure Tech Electric is “ready to roll” within 24 hours or less if necessary, to insure the safety of your employees and patrons. We can also provide significant savings on your annual lighting costs of 20%-40%. Let us show you how we utilize the latest technology in lighting control, design, and upgrades to lower your annual lighting maintenance costs while enjoying increased efficiency and safety. Many of our upgrades and designs include components that qualify for LIPA rebate incentives. Please call or email us today, to arrange a convenient appointment to review your needs!


Why do I need to protect my home or business from lightning?


We do not get that many severe lightning storms in this part of the country. My home is grounded properly, and the utility company provides a localized lightning protection system that insures my business is protected, right?

Unfortunately, there are many aspects of lightning protection that are too often ignored (many times with tragic results), when there are cost effective solutions readily available. Packing up to 100 million volts of electricity, a bolt of lightning has the power to rip through roofs, explode walls of brick and concrete, and ignite deadly fires. Most tragically, lightning kills!

Lightning protection systems are designed to shield a structure and provide lightning safety, by directing the super charged lightning bolt via the lightning conductor, harmlessly to an earth ground. Lightning arrestors, lightning surge protectors, lightning rods, air terminals, and other components are designed to protect structures as well as the occupants of a home or business. Please contact us to schedule a convenient appointment to review your needs.


How do I know what type of SPD (surge protection device) is best suited for my business?


There are many types of surge protection devices, that also provide surge suppression and some form of surge arrestor component. In addition, there are numerous types of transient voltage surge suppression devices available.

According to Electric Light & Power magazine, on average 30-40% of all business downtime is related to the lack of a power quality program. If companies had a reliable comprehensive program consisting of surge protective devices, their power quality downtime would be significantly reduced.

What is an SPD (surge protective device)? In simplest terms, a surge protection device is designed to prevent damaging transient voltage surge levels from reaching the protected equipment by shunting the energy away, reducing it to an acceptable residual level before reaching the load. Surge protected devices reduce transients to levels of about 2 to 3 times that of line voltage (400 to 500V peak) in order to prevent damage and operational disruption of sensitive electronic equipment.


What can we do in case of a major hurricane were to strike Long Island?


Many of our valued clients have asked us why do I need a residential standby generator system. We have not had a major hurricane in this area since 1985, when hurricane Gloria hit Long Island and left many without power for more than a week. Hurricanes Katrina & Wilma that devastated the gulf coast could never happen here in this part of the country, right?

Plus, that rolling utility grid failure of August 2003 was just an isolated incident and most likely will not happen again, right? If only we could guarantee that any of these scenarios would never occur in our area again.

Hurricanes are like no other storms on earth. From Maine to Florida on the Atlantic coast, these ferocious weather systems bring torrential rain, flooding, storm surges, and devastating winds that damage or destroy homes and businesses. One simple solution to this problem is to schedule a convenient appointment with a Secure Tech Electric LLC generator specialist.

We recommend an onsite review of your power requirements, site location, fuel source availability etc. to determine the equipment that best suits your needs. Secure Tech Electric LLC can professionally install an automatic transfer switch and generator panel that is matched to your electrical needs and standby generator output.

Let us show you how we can custom design an installation to accommodate any electrical need or budget, so you will not be "Left in the Dark" during a power outage. Many of our valued clients have never considered how many of the everyday conveniences that we take for granted, such as telephone service, security systems, garage door openers, heating & air conditioning systems, etc. that would be inoperable without a natural gas generator or diesel standby generator.

The benefits of owning a backup power system are many.

Secure Tech Electric LLC offers our standby emergency generator quote free of charge, a $250.00 value, and will deduct 100% of this amount from any professional installation that we provide.

We are proud to offer our clients the top brand names in generating equipment by Guardian, Caterpillar, Katolight, Detroit Diesel and others.

We also recommend the purchase of a yearly maintenance contract that further ensures peace of mind.

You can rest assured, knowing that your standby generator system is in peak condition at all times, ready to provide emergency backup power the moment it is needed. Call or email us today to arrange a convenient appointment to review your standby power generator needs.